Simple and customizable RSS ticker

Ticker mode
2 lines mode
(RssChecker2_06en.zip 91KB Ver.2.06)->History

  • Windows XP/2000/7/8/8.1/10
  • No need. Locate the 'RssChecker.exe' and 'URL-List.txt' anywhere.
  • Startup directory for windows7: START - All Programs - Startup ... right click - open.
    Startup directory for windows8/10:
    example ... C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  • Run RssChecker.exe.
  • When the title of the article is left-clicked, the article will be opened by web browser.
  • You can use a right-click menu.

  • Ticker mode
    Select ticker mode or 2 lines mode.
  • Window size
    Edit x, y position and width.
  • Font
    Vertical window size will be automatically changed by Font size.
  • Update frequency
    Minimum update frequency is 20 minutes.
  • Last n days
    n=1...Only today's articles.
    n=2...Today and Yesterday.
  • Speed
    Larger number is faster speed. Please adjust with Step number.
  • Mouse gesture pixels
    When the mouse pointer moved defined pixels, the item will be back to the previous item.
  • Colors
    Background color, text colors and frame color are configurable.
  • Podcast
    Podcast link will be displayed as [pod_cast1001.mp3] for example. Following extentions are not allowed. "exe", "bat", "jar", "com", "cmd", "pif", "vbs", "scr", "zip", "lzh", "vbe", "doc", "dat", "xls", "class", "ocs", "sys", "rar", "lnk", "js", "jse", "wsf", "wsh".
[How to add RSS]

  • Drag & drop 'RSS' link from website to Preference dialog or input URL address directly if drag & drop is not available. (Softonic RSS drag & drop is available by Chrome but not available by IE for example.)
  • The order of the RSS list can be changed by 'Up'-'Down' buttons.
  • Maximum number of RSS URLs is 100.
  • Maximum number of total article items is 2000.
  • OPML file's drag & drop also can make RSS list.
 2016.07.17 ver.2.06  The first English version.